Nude Food Organics, September 16, 2016.

Gerry De Jonge, 58, closing his grocery and wholefoods store as the sun sets.

Majority of businesses support South-East Queensland changing to daylight savings to “extend the daylight” an extra hour each day. According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, those in favour of the decision said without daylight savings they were experiencing lower productivity and additional costs. Business owner Gerry said not having daylight savings was a real inconvenience and there should be uniform business hours throughout Australia. However, the State Government is against separating Queensland into two time zones.


Shooting at sunset created context to suit the brief and provided natural light which was pivotal in telling a story about daylight savings. This natural light also added warm tones to the image which are associated with that particular time of day. Although the lighting has created glare issues in the glass, it reflects the sunset and gives additional context as does the closing sign. Shadows were also created to represent the transition into night time and this was executed by using the sun as a side light that also created hard light which sharpened the shadows. However, it was important to not have the shadows on the subject’s face, but to highlight his expression instead so the viewer can engage with his story. There was just the right combination between light and shade to create such texture on his face, showing his concern.


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