News Photography


Pomona Showgrounds, September 10, 2016.

Neville Lindley, 71, watching the show jumping event at the 107th Noosa Country Show.

Over two days thousands of people flocked to the traditional country show to view the various stalls and competitions which showcased local agriculture, art and music. Hundreds of competitors and their animals competed in the numerous events, including Saturday night’s rodeo.

The outgoing Fraser Coast Show Society director and horseman was an invited guest to the show but said the invitation was not necessary. “I just like going to these events and I go to as many as possible,” he said.


Using the rule of thirds, the subject and the horse rider in the background are points of interest as they are positioned at the intersections. However, Neville is the main point of interest as he is situated closer to the camera so the audience can access him and his story. I thought an eye level angle would be appropriate to convey his story as it shows the scene from a spectators point of view and does not over emphasise one particular element within the photograph. The natural light used works as a side light striking the subject on the side but also highlighting the action occurring in the background.  It also creates a natural colour tone, adding to the country feel of the event.

The image suits the brief as it tells of a current, local news event through the story of a person, in this case a spectator. I chose this angle as many people who attend the event are onlookers themselves. As the subject is the access to the story, I thought to include a horse event in the background as he has been involved with similar events throughout his life and this helps connect with his story.


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