Sculpting a community

Suncoast Clayworkers Association, September 15, 2016.

Jackie Gasson, 70, throwing clay during her weekly pottery class.

Fifteen years ago Jackie formed the Suncoast Clayworkers Association when she saw a need for a local organisation to bring potters and ceramic artists together. At her home studio Jackie holds two weekly workshops to pass on her knowledge and passion to dozens of other members.

Although, it was difficult for her to decide what she loves most. “My favourite part about potting is anything to do with clay. I love teaching but I like making too, it’s a bit of everything,” she said.


To add context, it was important to include artworks, tools and of course the subject actually creating something. Using the rule of thirds, all of these elements have been highlighted as firstly the subject and artworks are located at the points of interest and the pottery tools are in the foreground, the lower third. A lower angle has been used to get down on the subject’s level to make the image a bit more personal, assisting in telling her story. It also creates the feeling of being there in the studio.  With regards to lighting, fluorescent lights were incorporated as well as some natural light. A high amount of light falling on the sensor caused higher exposure resulting in the overall lightness of the photograph. As a result, it is clear the image is taken inside a studio.

The image fits the brief because it tells of an individual’s story who belongs to a club. The content included adds a great deal of context to this story as the viewer can see Jackie in her element and doing something she does constantly as part of this specific club.


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