Online News Package

Our task was to create an audio-visual story as well as a text-based element on a topical issue for a local audience. A big thank you to my assignment partner Nathan Biddle who captured all of the vision. Charity workers thankful for public’s generosity Local volunteers are praising the Sunshine Coast community for their …

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Turning hate into love

A Sunshine Coast mother has taken to Facebook to write about an incident at her local Coles. Katie Maree has written an open letter on the Sunny Coast Community Board directed at an unknown woman who commented on her children's behaviour. What the woman didn't know is Katie's children suffer from autism. Now, the mother …

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Release them before they do it themselves

Another gorilla has made headlines this week. London Zoo's Kumbuka roamed the grounds for more than 90 minutes after escaping his enclosure causing tourists to hide inside zoo buildings. The western lowland silverback gorilla, known for his fiery attitude, smashed through the glass of his enclosure to break free. Witnesses have said staff asked them to avoid …

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